By offering various courses, Pollux actively contributes to the development and guidance of its employees. We think it’s important that our employees get the opportunity to realize personal goals and ambitions. It is also possible for our clients to train temporary workers if desired. Both the client, the temporary staff, and Pollux benefit from this initiative.


“As an employment agency, we think it’s important to our employees to keep developing in their line of work. In addition, they learn to understand the work processes better within an organization, which enables employees to be deployed as efficiently as possible. ”


The Pollux Academy offers opportunities for every employee.For example, the following courses are available to our employees:

  • VCA
  • Lift and / or Reach Truck Certificate
  • BHV (inhouse emergency response)
  • Job-related training
  • and more

Customized program

There is a chance that the required training is not mentioned in the list above. In that case, a customized program that is applicable to your business can be developed at any time. If you would like to know more about the possibilities, please feel free to contact us.