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Are you looking for a job in logistics, manufacturing, technology or food services and hospitality? We can find a job that suits you. From temporary (holiday) work to permanent work and everything in between. In addition, we will help you with your (further) education so that you can broaden your knowledge and capabilities. We accompany you and are available 24/7 to make you feel at home (out of hours only in case of emergency), because a good work-life balance makes you feel more comfortable and function better in your workplace.

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I have been working through Pollux for several years and have never been out of work. They really think with you about the job that is right for you."

Alexandu, works for Pollux since 2020.

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Finding a job that fits what you want and what you can do. That's where we help you. Thousands of jobseekers have already used our services to find work in logistics, food and meat, manufacturing, metalworking, cleaning and agriculture. Read more about working through Pollux.