Good housing is a prerequisite for optimal living and full integration in Dutch society. It also ensures you are equipped to do your job even better.

When you live abroad and you want to work in the Netherlands, you have the opportunity to arrange your accommodation via Pollux. Of course, you also have the option of arranging accommodation yourself. Accommodation via Pollux is not mandatory.

We will always do our very best to accommodate you as close as possible to the workplace. We believe that, this way, it will be easier to get used to a particular environment and region. This will make you settle and feel at home more easily.

The accommodations we offer varies from small to large. For example, in addition to a number of small-scale homes, we also have a number of large-scale residential complexes. Of course all houses (large or small) are equipped with all comforts.

To ensure the quality of housing, Pollux works with PLT B.V. The accommodation of PLT B.V. meets the strict housing standards of the NBBU housing mark SNF, a certificate approved by the Dutch government.

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