Better work and work-life balance


In 2005 Henriëtte and Gregory founded Pollux, a staffing agency for the Dutch labour market. Since then thousands of job seekers have found their way to employment. Jobs in logistics, manufacturing, the technical sector and the catering and hotel industry, among others. From a tyre distributor to a beer hall and from a metal factory to a warehouse. At Pollux, we are known for our genuine concern for the well-being of our employees.

Our permanent team of approximately 35 employees is located in various locations. The head office of the Pollux Group is in Roosendaal and we also have several offices in Poland. Our Polish head office is located in Świdnica. Precisely because we are based there, our strength and knowledge of the labour market is unique. Moreover, it allows us to provide high quality services to both employees and employers. We mainly work for employers in the regions of Noord-Brabant, Zuid-Holland, Utrecht and Zeeland.

At Pollux, we are always looking for new opportunities and possibilities, for example by adding jobs in new industries or simply wanting to do something better every day for our temporary workers and principals. Because their interests come first for us. We like to contribute to the well-being of our employees and to the success of our principals.