Staff wanted

Staff wanted? Are you looking for qualified staff for your organization? Due to an extensive recruitment and selection process, we have an extensive pool of qualified temporary workers.


Pollux supports organizations in the optimal flexibility of their staff. We mediate temporary staff for different positions in various industries. Due to our extensive database of candidates and our offices in Poland, we can quickly provide you with expert staff. In this way, we can offer the right people at the right time, specially selected according to your wishes.

Customized offer

Are you in a busy period, do you have a big project or do you need people for a long time? Pollux will help you! We can switch quickly and effectively, and we are glad to think about your long-term staffing needs. With the help of our Poolmanagement we will manage your team of workers to fit your organization perfectly in terms of flexibility, availability and productivity. In addition to the these advantages, we’re offering more business services.

Trustworthy partner

We would like to stress that compliance with laws and regulations ensures that the quality of our business is extremely high. For us, it is therefore advisable to have all certifications in order, which results in a reliable partner for your organization. We hereby strive for a long-term cooperation where trust is paramount.

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