Mission and core values

Standards, values and a clear mission play a major part in Pollux’ daily operations.


Pollux actively contributes to:

  • The success of the client
  • The guidance and development of our employees

Core values

Within Pollux, we have established four core values: respect, humane, reliable & groundbreaking. These are standards and values that we would like to see in our whole organization.

Respect: "We have respect for everyone."

Showing respect for employees, clients and suppliers is our primary focus. Standards and values are carried out by everyone. By acting respectfully, we strive for long-term cooperation with our clients and employees.

Humane: "The organization's actions are social, friendly and humane."

We are proud of who we are and we’re not afraid to show it. We want to guide our employees as optimally as possible so they feel appreciated. This means that we are accessible for urgent questions and always want to talk about you and other employees. For example, every week we organize a meeting where we can answer specific questions from our temporary workers.

The well-being of our employees is important and starts by providing good housing, personal guidance, as well as offering customized training. This results in the integration of our employees into Dutch society, making them feel comfortable in the Netherlands. In addition, we inform our employees about Dutch language and culture via various channels, such as our Facebook page. This will stimulate an successful collaboration between our employees, clients and suppliers. Our focus for the humane needs also contributes to the recognition and reliability of our organization.

Reliable: "We are an open organization where our no-nonsense business is comprehensible and insightful to everyone."

Pollux provides clear and reliable service. Our standards are: open communication, clear administration and processes that are accessible to all parties involved. Continuing compliance with laws and regulations ensures that the quality of our operations is extremely high. In this way, our employees, contractors, clients and suppliers know exactly that Pollux provides the right service, This will strengthen confidence in our organization.

Groundbreaking: "It is our passion to shift our boundaries in a constantly changing market."

Pollux is an international operating organization constantly looking for opportunities. Pushing our boundaries gives us the change to develop in a constantly changing market. We always strive to be the best, and we keep challenging ourselves to live up to this. We’re aiming for excellence which makes us entrepreneurial, innovative and visionary. A clear view that enables us to anticipate on developments way ahead.