Business services

Pollux offers a complete package of business services. Our service is an all-round service. This means that we can provide you with your total staffing needs. Pollux offers the following business services:

Temporary workers

Pollux focuses on sending employees who are flexible, both structurally and on an ad hoc basis. Temporary workers are characterized by maximum flexibility for you and for the employee because the employment contract can be terminated at any time. We will provide you with: the recruitment, the entire staff administration and (digital) payroll. We also inform, instruct, guide and evaluate  our temporary workers together with you.


Is there a large shipment of goods coming into your company that has to be processed for a specific customer? We will take care of this for you. We will customize the goods to your and your clients wishes within a fixed period of time and at a fixed rate. Together we will look what we can do en where we can help you. In this case we will take full responsibility for managing and planning of sand all the other work!


The correct recruitment of employees is based on the criteria you specify. With our broad office network, in both the Netherlands and Poland, we can quickly provide you with, motivated, reliable, skilled and multilingual staff. Before the relevant employee is deployed, they will be screened extensively on his / her working history.

Looking for qualified workforce for your organization? Post your vacancy on our website. Fill out the form with all specifications and we will contact you as soon as possible.


Pollux actively contributes to the development and guidance of its employees, including the staff employed by you. Read more about the different trainings we offer.


Pollux is used to working with short cycling schedules and fluctuating application patterns. Do you need 1, 10 or 100 candidates? We will arrange it for you! Our advanced planning software combines the availability of candidates effectively with your needs. Within our customer portal, you can view the status of you application in real-time at any time. Read more about our Poolmanagement

Unload containers

Unloading shipping containers at Pollux is tailor made work, resulting in maximum productivity and it’s cost-effective on manpower, time and money. We have experienced temporary workers available for working with containers.

Contact us for more information and let us take care of unloading containers

Secondment services

In addition to temporary workers, you can also choose our secondment services. With this service there is an agreement between the contracter, Pollux and the employee. Secondment allows you to maintain your flexibility with the guarantee that the employee remains comitted to you for the entire duration of the project. You can outsource our employees both projectually and for a longer period of time time.


In addition to translations for clients, we also provide translations for third parties from business and government (mainly Polish-Dutch and Dutch-Polish translations).

To many SME clients, we provide translation services for websites, brochures, manuals, terms and conditions and business correspondence. Are you looking for a Polish translator? Then contact us directly for an offer that fits you. All translations are provided by a sworn interpreter.

Inhouse Services

We will take on all tasks necessary for optimal services, on site (inhouse). Your wishes are our highest priority. Creating and executing inhouse establishment is a very specific service in which Pollux is highly experienced. We have learned that, especially in case of bigger volume, this structure is very much Cost-effective. Due to the presence of the intercedent, temporary workers and client under one roof, it is possible to respond quickly and adequately to all common staff issues.

Seasonal workers

During the (school) holiday periods, there is a greater demand for temporary workers to replace the permanent staff. In addition, there is a temporary need for additional staff in the busy months of summer. Together with the client, the needs of seasonal forces are taken into account and Pollux ensures that the job is done. Read more about our seasonal workers.


Our payrolling service allows you to take care of the recruitment of employees yourself without the administrative hassle and the associated risks. The full renumeration and salary administration, such as registration with insurance and payroll tax payout, expires through Pollux.

Pollux is legally responsible and, as an employer, you remain flexible about the use of labor, so you can focus on your business and do not incur any unnecessary risks.


If you want to arrange housing for your own (foreign) employees, we can take care of this. Read more about housing.

Do you have a question in response to one of these business services? Please contact us or ask us to make you an offer.